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Over 3,000 Frame Styles

You read that correctly The Framemakers has over 3,000 styles, shapes, colors and finishes of frame samples. That is approximately 10 times the selection at most any other location that offers framing.

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Frame finishes run the gamut of not only color but styles and shapes. The simplest of the finishes are solid wood frames with a clear finish or stained. Oak, maple and walnut account for most of the solid wood frames currently manufactured.

Other wood frames have a gesso layer applied and then the finish. Gesso over a wood frame covers the grain for a smooth finish. These frames come in a variety of finishes from black matte to lacquer, gold, silver and many other colors.

Gold and silver frames can be a simple shape or have dimensional gesso to create an ornate, carved looking design. These frames can also be gold leafed which is a 10 step hand applied process. There are actual gold and silver leaf frames and less expensive metal leaf frames. All leafing processes will have seam lines where the sheets of leaf needs to overlap. 

Some wood frames have a veneer applied. These are beautiful finishes and many times are a burl wood. Veneers are also characterized by their seam marks. 

The Framemakers carries all of the frames discussed in this blog. Including some more unusual finishes, like leather, or a leather panel, pearlized, capris shell, sparkle finishes. We are sure whatever your style, whatever your budget, The Framemakers has just what you need.

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