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Rich History In Framing

Our name says it all, we are frame makers. The original frame maker was Norm VanKoughnett, an art teacher at Lyons High School. In 1995 Norm retired and sold the business to Barbara who had been working with Norm for several years. Barbara had been in framing since 1980 and felt she had a good understanding of the industry. But The Framemakers was far beyond what ordinary frame shops can do, will do, or even offer. 
The Framemakers was originally in Hinsdale. In 2002 the building we were in at 24 W. Chicago Avenue, the infamous Fuller car wash corner, was sold and we relocated to 10 N. Cass in Westmont. It afforded us the luxury of doubling our square footage. Both towns have, and continue to be, very supportive of our business.
Although we expanded in our building size we continue to be a small, family owned business dedicated to the fine art of custom framing. The people who greet you when you come in, Barb, Sarah or Don, are the same people working in the back room framing your item. We each have fallen into the routine of day to day work. 
Because we are a small company all of us know how to do each other’s jobs in case of illness or vacations. We are all experts at what we do and in framing design. Regardless of our jobs for the day, all of our favorite days at Framemakers are when we can help a customer design or revive an item or gift that brings them joy. 

Meet Our Team


Meet Don

Don usually cuts metal frames, joins frames, handles all of our table and chop saw work. Don is infamous around Framemakers for his frame repair capabilities as well.
Don, previous to being a frame maker, was a policeman, undertaker and carpenter. Yes, there are plenty of jokes about that job combination. He is the father of 6 children and a multitude of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When Don’s daughter had triplets we quit counting. His other passion is vegetable gardening. He’s been a Framemaker since 1985.

Meet Sarah

Sarah finishes the item in the frame with wire and all, mounts and sews all of our textiles, manages our inventory while ordering and checking in deliveries. Beyond designing framing for customers, Sarah uses her creative talents by designing and implementing the window displays that downtown Westmont visitors are so fond of. 
Sarah is our resident brainiac. She has two bachelor degrees from Eastern Illinois University, one in English and one in Psychology. As if that wasn’t enough she has a Master’s degree in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University. Sarah is a fantastic wife, wonderful mom, and if time allows she substitute teaches. If I sound partial, she is also my daughter. She has been a Framemaker since 2012.

Meet Barb

Barb cuts matting, glass, does the mounting and picks up where Don and Sarah might need a hand. Barb’s eye for color is ideal for our customers who bring in items they have damaged or are in need of cleaning or touch up. She can repair canvases, touch up chipping paint or nicks from broken glass. Barb, being the owner, has to tend to the book keeping and the marketing portions of Framemakers. 
As for myself, Barbara, I was extremely fortunate to have discovered framing early in my career search. I love what I do and my small, close family. I'm a Certified Picture Framer and have taken numerous courses from matting to refinishing frames.  My other interests are old time radio programs, classical music, classic movies, and have busied myself with everything from needlepoint to photography.