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More About Custom Framing

In over 50 years of custom framing one of the most asked questions is why does custom framing cost so much? We have a quote in our design area: “Quality custom framing will outlast the carpeting and furniture in your home as well as all the cars, clothing, electronics, televisions and kitchen appliances you’ll ever purchase. It can pass from generation to generation and still look as good as the day it was purchased.”
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Not All Frames Created Equal

A wood frame is a wood frame isn’t it? Not anymore. Just because the surface looks similar one needs to look deeper to be assured of a quality product.The least expensive frames are now made of plastic. Some of which contain dangerous chemicals. They are easily damaged and can never be repaired. Plastic frames are very good at ending up in landfills.
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Over 3,000 Frame Styles

Frame finishes run the gamut of not only color but styles and shapes. The simplest of the finishes are solid wood frames with a clear finish or stained. Oak, maple and walnut account for most of the solid wood frames currently manufactured. Other wood frames have a gesso layer applied and then the finish. Gesso over a wood frame covers the grain for a smooth finish. These frames come in a variety of finishes from black matte to lacquer, gold, silver and many other colors.
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Seeing Is Believing

Glass, in one form or another, has been in use for thousands of years. Older picture framing glass contains many inherent flaws, bubbles and waves were common. Antique glass was thicker and had a higher lead content. Which could account for some items with antique glass not fading as much as some items with more modern regular glass. The Framemakers can provide some antique glass for particular applications or glass replacement in antique frames. Including antique convex glass, sometimes called “Bubble Glass”.
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Do You Want Matting?

Matting is the color between the image and the frame. One, two or even three mats can greatly enhance the item being framed. Mats also create a space to keep the glass from touching the art. There are times though that a mat is not needed. The Framemakers always wants your art presented its best. We love to work with you in the design process.
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