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Not All Frames Are Created Equal

Blog Post / The Framemakers
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A wood frame is a wood frame isn’t it? Not anymore. Just because the surface looks similar one needs to look deeper to be assured of a quality product.The least expensive frames are now made of plastic. Some of which contain dangerous chemicals. They are easily damaged and can never be repaired. Plastic frames are very good at ending up in landfills.

One up from plastic is what they call Bonanza Wood frames. These may look a little more wood like but they are made from glue and sawdust. They are mildly stronger than plastic frames. If you purchase a frame that instructs to not add a wire it is either plastic or Bonanza Wood. The manufacturer has determined the best way to hang the item. A wire places a different stress on the frame and different hanging hardware or a wire are likely to pull out of the frame. Possibly damaging the frame, glass, your floor, furniture or even you!

The Framemakers only carry 100% wood frames. Some are solid walnut or oak, others have beautiful hand rubbed finishes. Over 3,000 styles to choose from – all colors, shapes, depths, and styles.

If the environment is important to you then please invest in a real wood frame. More and more of our suppliers are getting woods from sustainable forests. A wood frame can be repaired. It can be cut down, rejoined and repurposed, unlike inferior frames. And of course The Framemakers can provide all of these services. Wood frames are an excellent investment for you, and the future.

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