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In over 50 years of custom framing one of the most asked questions is why does custom framing cost so much? We have a quote in our design area:

“Quality custom framing will outlast the carpeting and furniture in your home as well as all the cars, clothing, electronics, televisions and kitchen appliances you’ll ever purchase. It can pass from generation to generation and still look as good as the day it was purchased.”

And when you decide to frame an item you like and is important to you the cost is much less than almost anything listed. Quality framing using acid free mats, conservation UV protective glass, real wood frames, combined with extensive knowledge from people dedicated to the fine art of custom framing ensures your item will last for generations.

To provide a little insight as to cost the framing industry has people who watch and help steer interior design and color. They decide on moulding styles, colors, and finishes.

Every wood frame starts with someone planting a tree, cutting it, milling it, treating and inspecting the wood. Milling it again to the desired shape, of which there are about 40 recognized shapes of moulding. One or more finishes are applied, sometimes by hand. The 8 to 12 foot lengths are then inspected again, boxed, shipped, unboxed, stored, cut to size, re-boxed and shipped. The framer then re-measures, sands and joins the frame. Each step includes everything involved in running a business, from utilities to payroll. There is a tremendous amount of work from tree to your wall. In future blogs we will take a closer look at differences in wood, mats, glass, acrylic and other items that will help you make an informed purchase. We're the preferred frame shop for DuPage County.

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