Expert Framing in Westmont, Illinois

Stripes Design Frames - Picture Frames in Westmont, IL


  • Over 3,000 frame styles from 16 companies.
  • Extensive variety of frame styles (including metals, barn wood, mahogany, 18K gold leaf, ornate, modern and many more) for any size art.
  • All frames are quality wood or metal; no prefabricated, inferior plastic.
  • Multi-angle frames including octagonal, triangular and custom-sized and shaped to your specifications.
  • Oval frames with your choice of finishes, in standard, antique and custom sizes.
  • Limitless frame depth to accommodate three-dimensional items
  • Wood fillets to enhance frames and matting.
Proudly featuring framing products from:
  • Larson Juhl
  • Bella
  • Décor
  • Engelsen
  • Fotiou
  • Gemini
  • Global
  • In Line Ovals
  • Jorh
  • Nielsen Metal
  • Nelson
  • Nurre Caxton
  • Presto Ovals
  • Roma
  • Cresent
  • Bainbridge

Colorful Frames - Picture Frames in Westmont, IL


  • Custom hand-wrapped fabric mats.
  • Over 1,000 mat color choices, all acid-free to protect your art and preserve original colors.
  • Rag mats, fabric finishes, metallic, textured.
  • Exclusive pollution-neutralizing museum-quality matting.
  • Any size opening and shape (oval, arch, etc.).
  • Multiple openings.
  • Mat bevels can be white, color, or reversed for no color

Colorful Fabrics - Picture Frames in Westmont, IL


  • Over 400 colors and finishes including linen, silk, suede, velvet and more.
  • Custom hand-wrapped fabric mats.
  • Use for window matting or float item on top of solid fabric backing.
  • Beautiful with needlework, textiles and clothing items.
  • Natural fabrics protect textiles and give proper support to delicate items

Crafting Materials - Picture Frames in Westmont, IL


  • We use only UV-protective conservation glazing materials.
  • Glass available up to 36 x 48 inches.
  • Acrylic sizes up to 72 x 96 inches, or 6 x 8 feet.
  • Museum glass 98% UV protection, low reflection, high clarity.
  • High quality, non-yellowing, unbreakable, professional framing grade acrylic available with 3 different finishes and with conservation properties.
  • Convex glass or acrylic in various sizes and depths, great on antique photos, dried flowers, three-dimensional items, etc.
  • 1/4 inch superior grade plate glass mirror with polished or beveled edges

Frame Style - Picture Frames in Westmont, IL

Specialty Framing

  • All acrylic museum-style display cases for wall or table. Ability to view front and all sides of framed item without interruption.
  • Double-sided frames for stained glass and double-glazed items for viewing on both sides.
  • Unique shrink-wrapping with color edge, perfect for kids' art. Complete with hanger and lasts for years.

Framing Materials - Picture Frames in Westmont, IL

All the Extras

  • All work done on premises in our 5000 sq. ft. shop by our knowledgeable, experienced staff
  • Stretching of fabric and paintings
  • Blocking and cleaning needlework
  • Frame repair
  • Corporate framing for your office or business, small and large orders welcome
  • Gift certificates available